Delfi Limited: scores big with JV partners Yuraku and Orion!

Delfi is a market leader in chocolate confectionery in Indonesia

Delfi Limited (formerly Petra Foods Limited) manufactures, markets and distributes chocolate confectionery in its core markets of Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia.

In the past year, Delfi has announced joint-ventures with Orion Corporation of Korea, and Yuraku Confectionery of Japan to bring their popular products to Southeast Asia. Orion and Yuraku are established brands which have wowed taste buds for decades at home and abroad.

Delfi is a well-managed company with a record of strong growth. Delfi’s management is cautious about the company’s results for 2017 but it is the following years, when the JV’s contribute to the bottom line, that hold promise. At current prices, Delfi’s stock represents low-risk and rich rewards.

Once the JV’s are operational Delfi’s will sprint ahead of competition. Its stock, at current prices. represents low-risk and rich rewards.

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